We are a team of industry professionals with many years of experience and a deep love for the crafts we practice. And we are also a team of good friends, that’s why our studio is so unique. Services that we provide cover many disciplines, including illustration, concept design, 2D and 3D animation and 3D modeling.

Team Leads

Alex Yaremchuk

Co-founder / Art Director

Alex has been part of game and VFX industry for 15 years. He is proficient in 3D animation, all aspects of 3D modeling and he's also good organizer and technical lead. Alex is passionate for retro games and classical animation. 


Olga Bekreeva

Art Lead

Olga has great eye for small detail and meticulous work. She does illustration, 3D sculpting  and different types of graphic design. She is also gifted in  pixel art. 

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